About Roy

My name is Roy Schreuder, born in 1991 in Leeuwarden. Since 2007 I have been involved in street art and I make paintings in the public space. After I completed my education in 2012 I started as an independent artist and I have done many projects. The first years as an independent artist I mainly lived abroad and I traveled a lot. During this period I was able to develop my own style and technique. In addition to my own work, I often work on behalf of municipalities, companies, neighborhood panels and foundations to achieve the realization of both large and small projects.

For me it is important that a painting clearly adds to an environment and that the environment in turn also contributes to the work. There must be a certain balance between the work and the environment in which it stands. In many cases I see myself primarily as a designer within the public space and I approach my projects in this way. My work is mainly characterized by the graphic / illustrative approach. It is important to me that a painting creates a clear image and has an impact. The paintings are often viewed in passing, so a clear image must remain within a short time.

In 2018 I opened the Sidewalk Gallery in the center of Leeuwarden. Here, artists who work in public space are given a stage and show their work in the form of exhibitions with prints, screen prints and work on canvas. Above all, the Sidewalk Gallery is a place where young artists and interested parties meet. The Sidewalk Gallery works with changing exhibitions and is open three days a week.